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What if the Official narrative has it all wrong?

When an official narrative becomes so heavily authoritative, without science backing it up, without legitimate debates and alternative viewpoints, we know that something is askew.

These are the signs that our mass media and political landscape has been fully captured. This portal presents the alternative health articles, research papers (peer reviewed), interviews and points of view from respected experts in their fields. Be aware that suppression of this information is rampant on search engines and social media platforms from Google to Facebook. And you won’t get validation going to the “trusted” sources of news (eg. CNN, MSNBC, WASHINGTON POST, NEW YORK TIMES, even PBS) as they are all captured.

Quotes from the Insightful

These quotes are from present day writers, philosophers, doctors, wellness practitioners, and other intuitive, bright, insightful thinkers who are not afraid to tell their views and stand truth to power.

‘Lockdown is a terrible experiment’

“The lockdowns around the world have been justified on the basis of ‘The Science’. But now a group of eminent infectious-disease experts have come together to sign the Great Barrington Declaration, calling for an end to the lockdowns and for more resources to be devoted to protecting the vulnerable. One of the three main signatories is Martin Kulldorff, professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School. spikedcaught up with him to find out more.”

Digital health passports tracking COVID status, vaccination proof

“At present, a “positive” test effectively prohibits travelers from crossing certain borders and boarding certain aircraft, even if the results were obtained by the notoriously inaccurate PCR test (or nose swab) that identifies a large proportion of past infections long after a person has ceased to be contagious…..The World Economic Forum and other international bodies are making it increasingly clear that when a vaccine is developed, it will…be made a prerequisite for travel.”

Corona, False Alarm?

Award-winning researchers Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi and Dr. Karina Reiss give clarity to these confusing & stressful times. They offer analysis of whether radical protective measures—including lockdown, social distancing, and mandatory masking—have been justified, and what the ramifications have been for society, the economy, & public health.

Dr. Gary Null

“We have more and more scientists coming forward challenging the whole aspect of what is being done (in regards to covid). Today a new person, Giuseppi Trito…one of the most renowned scitentists in his field, an expert in bio technology and nano technology……he believes this was absolutely positively a human created virus…this is crimes against humanity….”


Guided by the meticulous work of Dr. David E. Martin, Plandemic II: Indoctornation, tracks a three decade-long money trail that leads directly to the key players behind the COVID 19 pandemic. Plandemic II connects the dots….to unmask the major conflicts of interests with the decision makers that are currently managing this crisis.

Dr Zack Bush

Triple board-certified M.D., Dr. Zach, joins Del in an evolutionary discussion on why Coronavirus is here, what it’s trying to tell us, and how we emerge from the darkness.

Dr. John Lee

“The lockdown is a clear case in point, the government was panicked into taking these precausionary measures..”

Novelist Lionel Shriver

“We are now being coached to regard anyone else including our friends as sources of lethal contagion. People are to be avoided. Socializing has become a form of evil…”

Dr. Gary Null

“All healing ultimately is natural healing if you stimulate the body to help….”
Back in the 1980s, Dr Null successfully treated hundreds of patients who were HIV positive or had severe AIDS. Non died under his care while conventional medicine’s  toxic drugs like AZT wound up sickening and killing thousands.

USC Prof Joel Hay

“There is no scientific proof social distancing prevents the spread of covid19.”

Dr. Dolores Cahill

“It’s well known in immunology, you can take preventative measures to boost your own immune system… eg. Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc…”

Dr. Brian Procter

“I’ve treated over 75 patients personally now without a single ER visit, Hospitalization, Ventilator or death, and of course no cardio-vascular side-effects, contrary to what people hear on the news…..”

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“The national response to Covid 19 was horribly misguided. Let’s start with the idea of “Social Distancing” Social Distancing isn’t even an established health care concept and certainly not one in the public health. The whole idea of social distancing was based on a theoretical model explored by a high school student in a science fair….”

Dr. Kelley Victory


It’s well known in immunology, you can take preventative measures to boost your own immune system…Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, We have never in the 100s of years of infectious diseases quarantined healthy people…

Dr. Dolores Cahill


The Truth has been scrubbed