Mission Statement


Our mission at The Covid Busters is to present important news and information about Covid-19 that you likely won’t hear or see on our captured mass media and government platforms. We do this to help combat the lies and misinformation that abounds us all.

Here in this portal you will find quick access to health articles, research papers (peer-reviewed), interviews, and alternative points of view that have been censored, suppressed, and often deleted from social media platforms.. We are presenting this information so that you can make educated decisions for yourselves and arrive at your own conclusions. We are indeed challenging the official narrative because we believe our mass media and our governments are no longer serving the people.

We believe that no one politician, no one media voice, no one doctor, no one state has all the answers when it comes to our health and wellbeing. When we don’t hear legitimate debates and alternative viewpoints on our public airwaves (without the intense ridicule and mockery), we know that something is askew.

These are the signs that mass media has been captured. Big business, the deep state, and the ideological and political views of these powers greatly affect what we here on our commercial airwaves today. Our mass media is often no more than just a propaganda machine suppressing and censoring news to protect their agendas or to sell more products, ideas, or policies.

That’s why we’ve developed this alternative portal.

The Covid Busters