Thanks so much for sharing this important information to save lives. We’ve since learned that Hydroxychloroquine and zinc should be used jointly and in mild, moderate Cases and post exposure prophylaxis. Here are some helpful links:

Zelenko Protocols against Covid-19

AMERICA’S FRONTLINE DOCTORS on Hydroxychloroquine & Zinc

Two articles that were released back in 2020 very critical fo Hydroxychloroquine were later withdrawn when it came out that the trials used levels 6 times the recommended dose, known to be toxic, just shy of fatal, clearly intended to falsely misinform the public. This loudly proclaimed false report was later quietly retracted by the New England Journal and The Lancet opposition from the swamp Effective Deception Continues to be a big problem

What I wanted to hear from the doctor was: I forgot to take care of my body. I was overworked didn’t exercise, didn’t eat right or get the sleep I needed, thus I made myself susceptible to getting pneumonia. This folks is what is the difference of getting the “virus” and staying healthy. Nobody is telling the public to keep your immune system healthy, no all they tell you is wash your hands and keep your distance. Wake up America and stop being a couch potatoe