Premiered JANUARY 17, 2020
Watch This First!!! Do Vaccines Help Fight Infections? Dr. Christiane Northrup

Do vaccines work with your child’s immune system to fight infections? Are children’s immune systems stronger with or without vaccines? And what would happen if they’re not vaccinated? Dr. Christiane Northrup, a leading doctor in women’s health for over 30 years gives you amazing insight into the truth behind vaccinations, and whether they help train your baby or your child’s immune system or not. She’ll look at what’s really in vaccines, and what’s the real threat to our health today? She breaks down the numbers of cases of measles, how many are actually helped by flu vaccines, and whether the 72 shots children get before the age of 18 actually help against serious diseases or not. If you’re thinking of immunizing your baby or child, or are pregnant and are told you need the flu shot or more, this interview is not to be missed!!! That plus she’ll discuss what’s going on in Trenton, in Maine, and whether a religious exemption is truly hurting others or helping.