60 Minutes Investigates Swine Flu Scare (with reporter Mike Wallace)


Those commercials are seriously sinister preying on people’s fears. Nothing has changed in 40 years. People still falling for Big Pharma’s propaganda. As the video said there were no cases confirmed of the actual virus. The only place they thought it may have shown up was at a military base where getting experimental shots is part of the deal. We are dealing with greedy psychopaths who are hell bent on destroying all that is good in this world.
I saw this when I was in college. I owe 60 Minutes my life, I NEVER got a flu shot because of this particular investigative report. I had some sniffles and brief sick time in bed every few years, but never had to endure what this poor woman had to endure for a lifetime. The reports at the time were that more people died from the swine flu shot than the swine flu! If the American people do not wake up to the fact the pharmaceutical corporations  own the CDC , and relentlessly lobby the Congress, and get federal and state laws passed for their continued profits, then USA is doomed to fall due to this fascist terror.
You were lied to then and you are being lied to now. There is no damn SARS/CoV2, never isolated and purified. Their claim of isolating this alleged virus through PCR is junk meaningless science, their test based on that is equally meaningless. The deaths attributed to this COVID 19, a non existing disease, are attributable to a wide array of respiratory diseases that occur ever year. In fact, the U.S. death rate for 2019 and thus far in 2020 is below average. This is a ruse and stay the hell away from their RNA vaccine which has nothing to do with this. Ignore my words at your own peril.
bruce grzegorzewski
7 months ago
I am tired of gov. agencies telling me to fear simething and then offer a vac or medical solution. How about good health habits and proactive lifestyles. Quit smoking and drinking, eating processed and heavily preserved foods and exercise(oh we only warn people of poor habits and make money off poor nutition) . We are what we consume.