published DEC 14, 2020
by the Liberty Beacon staff

In the foreground, we have the completely co-opted mainstream media bombarding us with an endless barrage of positive coronavirus case numbers. Plus we have the World Economic Forum—along with its lackey world leaders—hounding us with incessant calls for a “Great Reset.”

After listening to the media and WEF members, one wonders whether the alleged “pandemic” really struck from out of nowhere, for it appears to have more-than-coincidentally triggered a patently planned-for-decades upending of the global economy.

Meanwhile, emerging from the background are a growing number of scientific facts that overwhelming and unequivocally prove there is no second wave of infectious disease.

There is, however, another kind of wave—a tidal wave of injustice that has swept across the whole world in a way never before witnessed in history. It is a tsunami one could accurately describe as the single greatest con—the most massive crime—ever perpetrated against humanity.