Vaccines Don’t Save Lives, Healthy Immune Systems Do


Contrary to mainstream propaganda and extreme bullying by pediatricians, there is a plethora of scientific, moral and health reasons why parents choose to raise 100% vaccine free children and/or stop vaccinating altogether. Although the vaccine industry would have us believe that their liability-free dangerous products only work when everyone is subjected to their (mandatory) use, even that public health argument falls apart when dissected further.

Prior to March 2019 we were able to demonstrate this very clearly when we had an even playing field in social media, but because the lies of the vaccine industry could not withstand the truth and therefore we were winning the arguments with facts and solid information, we are now severely censored or outright banned on various social media and big tech platforms. Only through the filthy tactics of the vaccine industry can they control the narrative that vaccines are “safe and effective” – which couldn’t be further from the truth.

So if you made it to this page and you are curious about this topic – then CONGRATULATIONS! If you are a parent on the fence, a legislator or just a concerned citizen trying to make sense of it all, continue reading and watch the videos on this page to more fully understand why parents are raising healthy, vaccine free children and will never subject their children to vaccines.