The Art of Profiteering from a Pandemic
Gary Null PhD and Richard Gale
Progressive Radio Network, November 24, 2020

As the number of reported Covid-19 cases increase, we are once again seeing a dramatic uptick in states’ efforts to mandate lockdowns and quarantines and to restrict transportation. Yet at the same time there is a growing number of voices within the medical and scientific communities criticizing these policies and providing evidence that the current lockdowns and flawed preventative measures are not working. In fact, they are contributing to more damage than good. There is also reliable evidence to conclude that the pandemic has been captured by special interest groups, especially the vaccine makers and the industries that profit off them. Consequently the fear of a deadly virus has been both politicized and weaponized to subvert populations into passive submission to authorities who control the media’s narrative.

Yet these regressive policies are being challenged aggressively. Many of the tens of thousands of medical critics come from the world’s most respected institutions such as Harvard, Oxford, Stanford and Yale medical schools.  Over 47,000 epidemiologists and public health experts and 639,000 concerned citizens have now signed the Great Barrington Declaration to publicize the warning that the policies now being enacted are having a far more detrimental effect on public health and the economy than the virus itself.

None of these experts are suggesting that Covid-19 is not real nor are they questioning its virulence.  Nor are they suggesting we should be cavalier and pretend the virus poses only minor risks. What is being challenged on the other hand are the political decisions based upon poor scientific evidence and the commercial conflicts of interest that guide these decisions.

First, we must acknowledge that the actual mortality rates in comparison to the rising number of so-called “positive” cases being reported is seriously flawed. Since the outbreak and reports of the first wave of deaths, federal health officials have conflated actual Covid-19 deaths with fatalities due to other preexisting comorbidities. Oddly, this peak in fatalities also occurred during the height of the influenza season. Reported deaths due to the flu and pneumonia for the first time in decades declined astronomically. There has been no coherent and rational explanation to account for this decrease. Rather, this death rate seems to have been incorporated into the Covid deaths that rose exponentially. This was also during a period when accurate diagnostic testing was poor, and this remains the case seven months later. Worse, without proper evaluation for the actual cause of these deaths, hospitals, clinics and mortuaries were being instructed to classify them as Covid-related. By and large these deaths were among the elderly and more so with older patients with compromised immune systems. If a person is young or under the age 60, there is very little chance of dying from Covid. The annual flu, on the other hand, kills young and old alike. In this manner, the pandemic provided the opportunity to enable state governments to begin lockdowns, close numerous businesses and places of work, and mandate masks and social distancing.

Stanford University’s distinguished professor of medicine, Dr. John Ioannidis accurately puts our current state of affairs in correct context,

“The one situation where an entire, closed population was tested was the Diamond Princess cruise ship and its quarantine passengers. The case fatality rate there was 1.0%, but this was a largely elderly population, in which the death rate from Covid-19 is much higher…. Among normal, healthy people, the death rate is gradually falling to become about 0.1%, which is average for flu every year. We never locked down in the past.”

In most European countries we witnessed a peak in fatalities in late winter and early spring. Despite aggressive testing during the subsequent months, death rates have dropped and leveled off to nearly zero per day. On the other hand, official charts of US deaths present a pattern unlike any other nation.  The pattern is jagged and shows peaks unlike any other country with fatalities again on the rise.  After a low in early July, daily deaths rates have regularly fluctuated between 400 and 1,500 per day. Yet these figures do not agree with what the CDC has been reporting.  In fact, confirmed Covid-19 deaths have been level since mid-June.

What can account for these bizarre patterns and contradictions in data? We would agree with Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, a former Chairperson at the University of Mainz medical school in Germany that we are in fact caught in a pandemic of over-testing rather than in a pandemic caused by a pathogen. Moreover, the US is continuing to erroneously assign primary causes of death due to other comorbidities, such as heart failure, autoimmune diseases, diabetes and obesity, as Covid-19 related if a patient happens to test positive for the virus. There is already an official precedent for this fudging of numbers. For example, the CDC does not distinguish between deaths caused by flu virus or pneumonia. The two completely different pathogens are heaped together. Every year before the arrival of the flu season, we read in the press the same figures of more or less 34,000 deaths due to flu; however, the majority of these are in fact due to pneumonia in already ill patients. Nevertheless it serves as excellent propaganda every year to encourage people to get their flu vaccination.

The problem is further compounded with the US’s over-reliance on PCR testing to determine infection. Numerous medical professionals are now on record criticizing the use of PCR tests for clinical diagnosis. Even the world’s vaccine czar Bill Gates told Wire magazine in an interview that “the majority of all US tests are complete garbage, waste.” But their voices are unrecognized by federal and state health officials nor are state governors paying attention. In fact, an information sheet released by the British government recommends that the PCR test not be used as a standalone indicator for Covid-19 infection. Furthermore, over 90 percent of Covid deaths were in nursing homes, intensive care units with patients admitted for other illnesses, hospices, assisted living centers and security prisons with their horrendous medical care systems.

Dr. Michael Yeadon, a former chief scientific officer at Pfizer, provided evidence to the UK’s Corona Committee about the corruption within the nation’s Covid-19 testing program. Politicians and scientists are suppressing real science and replacing it with only the policies that maximize financial gain. The more that PCR is relied upon for monitoring infection rates, the higher the number of false positives. According to Dr. Yeadon, the entire diagnostic regimen is solely designed to game the system. There can be no other explanation for the blatant negligence of scientific facts unfavorable towards PCR’s reliability to diagnose any infectious virus.

If the medical establishment had conducted proper evaluation of the actual death rate, we may never have reached a pandemic level. An altogether different approach for protecting public health may have been mandated with public warnings, masks, frequent hand washing and common sense hygienic measures that are encouraged during any severe flu season and without lockdowns or shutting down the economy.

Now that thousands of physicians in clinical practice are having extraordinary success in treat early stage Covid-19 infections with low dose hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), the antibiotic azithromycin and zinc, we must ask a simple question. Why are we not relying upon this protocol rather than awaiting for a vaccine? HCQ has been proven to be safe and effective and does not have the adverse risks of Gilead’s expensive remdesivir now being recommended by Anthony Fauci and the CDC. On November 20th, the WHO released a “conditional recommendation against the use of remdesivir in hospitalized patients, regardless of disease severity, as there is currently no evidence that remdesivir improves survival and other outcomes in these patients.”

HCQ on the other hand can be safely used preventatively for front-line workers. And yet the medical bureaucracies at the federal and state levels have viciously attacked HCQ’s proponents and the drug itself with false claims that it is ineffective and even dangerous. But the evidence is the exact opposite.  A review of 179 HCQ studies, 114 peer-reviewed, showed that almost 100 percent sowed positive effects for early treatment.  This is just one example of how the political handling of the virus is not about saving lives. Rather it is all about vaccine and innovative drugs for profit.

A more scientifically valid and common sense effort could be made to educate the citizenry in nutritional responsibility to strengthen the immune system. As we have reported in the past, there is a large body of peer-reviewed evidence showing the efficacy of certain nutrients such as Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, selenium, zinc and melatonin to protect ourselves from Covid-19 or to at least prevent any severe condition in the event of an infection. Yet our conventional health system has never been a strong advocate for nutrition and healthy lifestyle as a preventative policy to fight disease or infections. Rather for the past century we have had a disease management system: we wait until a person becomes sick and then treat it with pharmaceutical drugs.  As more presumed Covid cases mount, as the bureaucrats mandate lockdowns and increase penalties on those who fail to comply with draconian policies derived from junk science, as the media’s fear-mongering continues, and as the scandalous denial of more viable preventative measures because the norm, all hope is now placed on a vaccine reaching the market. Yet there is not an iota of empirical evidence to suggest any one of the several vaccines now ready for launch will truly protect recipients from the virus, whether they are truly safe, or whether a person can still be infected and shed the virus to others.

In fact our deepest worry is the frantic race and enormous momentum to launch a poorly studied Covid-19 vaccine as soon as possible with the false promise that life will then gradually return to some resemblance of normalcy.  Anthony Fauci now offers a carrot of hope that if enough people are vaccinated we can reach that elusive and hypothetical “herd immunity,” which has never been scientifically and consensually confirmed for any vaccine against any infectious disease in the past. We can only hope that the vaccine will be effective and safe. But there is no sound evidence to draw this conclusion. In fact, our research shows the potential risks far outweigh the evidence for its benefits.

In his international best seller Corona False Alarm, Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi argues that a vaccine is only necessary “when an infection regularly leads to severe illness and/or serious sequelae in healthy individuals.” However, according to the author, a vaccine is not warranted for Covid-19. Since the virus has already been shown to mutate rapidly there is high risk of vaccine failure in the long-term. He is especially worried about the new mRNA-based vaccines that carry the potential danger of integrating the plasmid DNA into cell’s genome and may trigger “production of anti-DNA antibodies and autoimmune reactions.”  And we must all be cautious because none of these vaccines have undergone rigorous review and evaluation to determine their safety profile. Instead, they are being fast-tracked under the naïve assumption they will bring an end to the pandemic. But at what cost to the public’s future health is completely unknown territory.

More recently, during an exclusive interview with Dr. John Martin, the former head of the FDA’s Viral Oncology Laboratory where he investigated vaccine contamination from cancer-causing viruses, he raised warnings about the potential interaction between the vaccines using either mRNA or the genetically modified adenovirus with stealth adapted viruses already present in the body.  These stealth viruses largely present no health risks and do not trigger an immune response; however, they are highly reactive and can incorporate the vaccine’s mRNA, and then be converted into cellular DNA, or they can mutate into something more virulent and pathogenic. Although health officials are fully aware of stealth viruses, and have known about them since the early days of the polio vaccine, it is a risk completely being ignored and off the table when evaluating the new generation of Covid vaccines.

Behind all of the public fear, contradictory science, flawed statistics, and bureaucratic knee-jerk reactions, we are now witnessing the complete politicalization of a medical threat that should have been handled with consensual independent scientific data rather than through social control. Unfortunately, the pandemic and the means to either control it or bring it to an end is not being handled by competent scientists and administrators. As we look upon other nation’s such as Sweden, Switzerland, South Korea and Taiwan as models for how to contain the virus, keep their economies open and limit the number of deaths well below a flu outbreak, the US and the UK have become the laughing stock of the developed world. Gates himself has been a sharp critic for how our government and federal health agencies have handled the crisis. Sadly, we cannot expect anything much better from president elect Biden. The US no longer has within its political DNA the capacity to respond to crises with common sense.