Shocking Info Comes Out On The Effects The Vaccines Are Having On Others! (Including Dead Pets)

People who have not been vaccinated are getting symptoms of COVID due to viral shedding from vaccine recipients.
Non-vaccinated people are at even greater risk when being around vaccine recipients who have been jabbed 14-days or less, although there is still a risk after this time period.
The most populated areas of vaccine uptake are having the highest amount of COVID variants and superbugs.
In addition, there is suspicion that vaccinated females are having reproductive issues such as disruptive cycles, extreme blood clotting, and pain, miscarriages, stillborns, infertility, etc.
And non-vaccinated women who are exposed to vaccinated women are reporting an increase in similar reproductive issues. Women’s reproductive systems are suddenly acting up since the vaccine and what does this mean for the future? Male reproductive cases such as ED have also been reported.
The shedding of the synthetic spike protein has been found in the breath, saliva, sweat, skin, and even the anus. We really don’t know what is coming out of the people being injected at this time, because we don’t know what is going into the body.
Functional Nutritionist | Integrative Health Practitioner at Nutrition Key