The Gary Null Show – 08.04.21

16-minute mark:
Hear the latest DEATHS & INJURIES COUNT in EUROPE caused by the COVID VACCINES.

Then listen to a VACCINE VICTIM – A Physical Therapist who explains what has happened to her

20-minute mark
Listen to a Canadian Board Certified World-Class Doctor and Clinical Researcher.

“Never before in medical history has an uncontrolled clinical trial of this scale ever been undertaken with no evidence of safety whatsoever…..This unprecedented horror show, the worst in medical history…as you’ve heard, I am viscerally outraged at how unnecessary this grotesque tragedy has been and yet somehow manages to continue, its insanity cubed.

“The first message is this:

  1. believe nothing you’re being told. It’s all a pack of lies from start to finish. Pure unopposed propaganda. This is nothing more than a bad seasonal flu with certain minor exceptions. And nothing was needed, nothing was needed except for common sense and drugs known to be safe…..”
  2. This is a pandemic of intentionally manipulated fear. Totally unnecessary and driven by two major factors. The notorious PCR test and the viscously effective SILENCING of any counter-narrative……