A long-awaited peer-reviewed report by the Berlin-based Corona Investigation Committee has just been released alleging what many have feared, that the COVID-19 pandemic was planned, the virus man-made, with the aim to funnel people towards taking an experimental and potentially deadly vaccine.

German Attorney Reiner Fuellmich published a video on 15 September on behalf of the group of lawyers and medical experts on the Corona Investigation Committee, set up in July 2020, that has spent over a year investigating the origins of the pandemic, the restrictions put in place, and the vaccine rollout.

Dr Reiner Fuellmich is an international trial lawyer licensed to practice in Germany and California with 27 years of practice who has successfully sued large fraudulent corporations like Volkswagen and Deutsche Bank on behalf of the public. His worldwide network of lawyers under the Corona Investigation Committee has listened to hundreds of experts from every field of science. They have collected what they claim is undeniable evidence that the COVID-19 pandemic is in fact a planned criminal operation. According to Dr Fuellmich, a second Nuremberg trial may be needed, to prosecute all who are complicit in this unprecedented crime against humanity.

The summary of the committee’s findings may be shocking to the majority of people around the world who follow the government and media narrative on the pandemic. Not surprisingly, given Dr Fuellmich’s high profile and the work he is doing, efforts have been made to discredit him and claim he is a conspiracy theorist, as has happened with many other professionals attempting to expose the alleged fraud.

Dr Fuellmich’s team is working to prepare injunctions and court cases to charge people in government and the health authority in Germany and around the world with fraud and crimes against humanity.

His team is not alone. Thousands of health professionals, lawyers, researchers and journalists in a range of countries have been investigating the controversy and suspicions surrounding the pandemic and are working to prepare lawsuits to take government and health authority leaders to court and to halt the vaccine rollout.

These moves have a sense of urgency as the USA and governments around the world build up pressure on people to accept the vaccines.

The Corona Investigation Committee’s finding are both ground-breaking and shocking, particularly for those who believe the “official COVID-19 narrative” – the story governments promote that the virus occurred naturally and that the authorities have been working hard to rein in the pandemic and protect their people.


Months of investigations, research and interviews by the Attorney Fuellmich’s committee put forward the allegation that the “official COVID-19 narrative” is a lie and the people have been criminally misled to the point where they are eagerly lining up for an experimental vaccine that has a high probability of injuring or killing the recipient.

In his 40-minute video released on 15 September to announce the findings, Dr Fuellmich walks through the results of the Corona Investigation Committee’s work.

As he notes, this narrative has never been about health.

A number of core allegations stand out that are arguably startling in their implications concerning how governments have handled COVID-19 and the restrictions and mandates they are putting in place…..

By Jan Raphael
19 September 2021 for Mizzima Medi

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