Must See Interview! Vaccine Injured Nurse Explains Why She Quit Her Job Over Vaccine Mandates
Oct 12, 2021

Nurse Dani of joins guest host Owen Shroyer on The Alex Jones Show to break down why she gave up her dream job to take a stand against tyrannical vaccine mandates.


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Oct 12
The government has caused the population deliberate harm, suffering and death. This illegal mandate VIOLATES several laws including The Constitution, Treaty Laws, The Human Rights Law, Nuremberg Code, Biological Weapons Laws, Medical Code of Ethics and other laws. Below is just three violations, the list of crimes and violations are endless. The charges for this crimes is Treason. This illegal mandate VIOLATES The Biological Weapons Convention Treaty This illegal mandate VIOLATES The American Medical Association Code of Medical Ethics This illegal mandate VIOLATES The Declaration of Helsinki There are currently multiple lawsuits being brought against the state, the president and other individuals who have been complicit in these crimes against humanity.