Kennedy to Dore: How Fauci Turns Science Into Propaganda for Big Pharma


Story at-a-glance:

  • Robert F. Kennedy Jr. succinctly summarizes how Dr. Anthony Fauci wields his power to control and manipulate science across the globe.
  • It’s Fauci’s job to conduct research on chronic diseases to figure out their etiology and environmental causes to protect public health, but instead, he turned the NIAID into an incubator for pharmaceuticals.
  • Fauci has a $7.6 billion annual budget that he uses to develop new drugs, which he then farms out to universities.
  • Fauci’s control — in collusion with that of Bill Gates — has rendered the majority of global scientific research nothing more than pharmaceutical propaganda.
  • Fauci shares drug patents with universities, sells them to drug companies, splits the patents with them and walks those drugs through the FDA approval process, which he also controls — once approved, Fauci himself often profits.