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Some comments from the youtube thread from NOV 10, 2022

If we can survive all this madness, can you imagine how this period is going to be recorded in history? We can only hope that if historical fact has not have been banned by then and that humanity will see it (this period) for what it was; total complete insanity, fraudulent and mandated cruelty, genocide and destruction of human rights. We may have learnt at least something or enough to to never allow / condone such a thing from ever happening again.🙏🏼
Canoe Doc
The Pfizer study used to obtain emergency use authorization recorded 5 times more deaths from cardiac disease in the vaccine cohort than the placebo cohort, in addition to recording the fact that it did not prevent infection. The absolute risk reduction was approximately 0.7%. Why do you assume the excess mortality is due to lockdowns?
david sharp
There’s only two kinds of people. People who will do what they’re told no matter what is right. And people who will do what is right no matter what they’re told. It takes nothing to stand with the crowd. It takes everything to stand alone!